Okinawa Symphony Orchestra (OSO)

About us

The Okinawa Symphony Orchestra is an amateur full orchestra that was founded in May 1956. Its members come from various backgrounds such as teachers, civil servants, company employees, self-employed workers, and medical workers.

The orchestra’s main activity is our annual Regular Concert, usually held between October – December each year.

At our Regular Concerts, we invite professional conductors and musicians to perform a variety of pieces. In addition to our annual Regular Concerts, we have performed with choirs in a wide range of pieces such as Beethoven’s Ninth, Faure’s Requiem, our annual Handel’s Messiah concert, as well as other opera performances.

In recent years, we have also introduce the Ensemble Concert as part of our annual schedule. Held usually in March of each year the Ensemble Concerts promote friendship among orchestra members and improve ensemble techniques.

In October 2016, for the 60th anniversary of the orchestras founding, we performed for the first time in Okinawa Kikuko Kanai’s Symphonic Poem “Deigo no Hana Saku Ryukyu (Ryukyu, where the Deigo flower blooms)”, and Mahler’s Symphony No. 5.

Thanks to the dedication and love for music of our members, the orchestra managed to continued its musical activities throughout the pandemic and successfully hosted our annual Regular Concert without interruptions.

68th Regular Concert
October 6, 2024 (Sunday)
Aim Universe Tedako Hall
Time TBA

L. v. Beethoven – Symphony No. 6 “Pastoral”
J. Brahms – Symphony No. 2

Kazuki Wada

NameOkinawa Symphony Orchestra (OSO) (Bylaws (JP only))
EstablishedMay 1956
Rehearsal VenueOkinawa Youth Training Center (沖縄青少年研修センター)
2 Chome-8-2 Shurikubagawacho, Naha, Okinawa 903-0807
RehearsalEvery Wednesday 19:30-21:45
Fees and Ticket QuotaAnnual fee 15,000JPY/person
An additional ticket quota applies for the Regular Concert

If you are interested in our activites and would like to join, please contact us for details.